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  Bush Administration Contacts  
Use this list of contacts to send the student and parent results to the Bush Administration! Download Administration_Contacts_2005.doc
  One Page Description  
Use this document to share general information about Technology Impact in Education Month Download Technology_Impact_in_Education_Month_One_Pager.doc

Parental Notification

Use this sample letter to notify parents about the event and to encourage them to complete their homework.

Download Parents_Sample_Letter_Tech_Impact_in_Education_Month.doc
  Teacher Invitation  
Principal Invitation Tailor this letter for principal's who may have interest in this event for their school. Download Principal_Letter_Tech_Impact_in_Education_Month.doc
  District Administrator  
District Administrator Tailor this letter to alert district officials of this worthwhile excercise. Download District_Letter_Sample_Letter_Tech_Impact_in_Education_Month.doc

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