Legislative Lesson Plans
The following lesson plan links are free and accessible on the internet. Or you can go to and read an analytical essay on the topic you want and thus get support and advice on the development of the topic (project). These lessons are provided as additional resources available to any teachers interested in specifically reviewing the legislative process with their students. These links are in addition to the various resources currently available in the Technology Impact in Education Month lesson plans.

The Creation of a Bill: Mr. Smith and You
Subjects: Civics/government Grade 6-8
In this lesson, students view an excerpt of the classic film "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" to learn how a bill is created and presented in Congress. Students then work in groups to develop and present their own bills to the class

U.S. House of Representatives Floor Debate Simulation
Subjects: Civic/government/speech/debate Grade 6-12
This unit will help teachers create a simulation of the U.S. House of Representatives floor debate process that can be adapted for use in a variety of middle school, high school, and college classrooms. In general, the simulation seeks to teach lessons about the various issues that factor in to the decision-making process of a member of Congress. Some of the issues woven into the simulation include parliamentary rules and procedures, the role of constituents, competing demands for time, competing policy interests, the role of the press, and political concerns and institutional concerns. The materials include four different established scenarios as well as resources to create a more customized case-study. The explanation and simulation would likely take place over two class periods.

How a Bill Becomes Law: Charting the Path
Subjects: Civics/government Grade Level(s): 6-8 In this lesson, students learn the steps of a bill becoming a law and use this information to write a story about "the life of a bill." Students then evaluate the effectiveness of our system of creating laws.

How a Bill Becomes a Law-Creative Dramatics
Subjects - Social Studies/ Language Arts Grade Level - 7-8
After completing this activity, students will be able to explain the process of how a bill becomes a law.

Budget Making
Subjects: Math/Social Studies Grades: 6-8 This lesson will help students identify local, state, and federal government services, their cost and the income that pays for them.

Congress at Work “Influencing Congress”
Subject: Social Studies/Government/Civics Grades 6-8

In this chapter students learned about the process by which a bill becomes a law, the power of Congress to raise and spend money, and how members of Congress help voters in their states or districts.


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