Technology Impact in Education Month Prizes


2006 Prizes

Prizes are a way to show that a person has spent their time and inspiration, and received feedback, and it encourages further research, and if you feel any difficulties with this, buy a personal statement.





Dana by AlphaSmart
Dana is an affordable, personal learning tool.  

It is an ideal companion for writing/note-taking, keyboarding, math & science,

and, includes built-in Wi-Fi (802.11b)

capability, providing wireless connectivity for printing & more in the classroom, or, at home.

Donated by AlphaSmart 


Big6 TurboTools Personal Edition/x-tad-bigger> /fontfamily>
 Big6 TurboTools includes many tools -- a planner to guide the user through the Big6 process, a citation maker/note recording tool, evaluations, report templates, etc./x-tad-bigger> /fontfamily>
Number of this Prize being Donated: 1/x-tad-bigger> /fontfamily>
Estimated Value: $50/x-tad-bigger> /fontfamily>
Donated by
COMPanion Corporation


Canon Power Shot 400 digital camera  

New Contemporary Design 3.2 Megapixel Camera with 2.2x Optical/3.2x Digital/7.0x Combined Zoom

Exclusive Canon DiG!C Image Processor and iSAPS Technology for Superior Image Quality and Faster Processing Speed 

Quick Shot Function for Super Fast Shutter Release

9-point AiAF and Special Scene Modes for Spectacular Shots in Special Situations

Estimated Value: $190

Donated by Intel Foundation


HP Digital Camera

($180 Value)

Donated by JES & Co 


5 Digital Field Trips to The Rainforest AT

Cross-curricular, multi-level, engaging, and fully accessible

to ALL students including those disabilities

this title is widely recognized

as an excellent example of Universal Design for Learning.

Donated by Digital Frog International


5 Inspiration® Total Solution Bundles

The premier tool to develop ideas and organize thinking, Inspiration®

provides powerful support for critical thinking, comprehension and

writing skills in all curriculum areas. The Bundles each include a

single-license copy of Inspiration  and an Inspiration lesson plan book.

Valued at $109.00 each.



5 Kidspiration® Total Solution Bundles

Created for K-5 learners, Kidspiration® provides an easy way to apply

the proven principles of visual learning. The Bundles each include a

single-license copy of Kidspiration, a "Kidspiration in the Classroom"

lesson plan book and the Exploring Kidspiration interactive training CD.

Valued at $109.00 each.


Donated by Inspiration Software, Inc.


Two MS Student Giftpacks

Microsoft Education is offering two Student Gift packs; each will contain one copy of Microsoft Student 2006 and Microsoft Office for Students & Teachers.

Valued at $218 each

Donated by Microsoft

EasyTech® by
EasyTech is the proven online technology literacy curriculum that helps K-8 teachers and students develop and apply technology skills to enhance learning across core subject areas.  This bundle is for EasyTech subscriptions for one school building for the remaining 2005/2006 school year for a maximum of 250.  This bundle also includes one hour of telephone training.  Value at $2,750. 
Donated by

 Five ScribeStudio Subscriptions

ScribeStudio is an easy-to-use e-Learning toolkit that enables teachers to author and publish online courses, activities, quizzes, and surveys and to manage and communicate with their students online. Five (5) year long subscriptions to ScribeStudio, with up to 100 learners per subscription

Estimated Value: $247/month/subscription

Donated by

     1 SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

The SMART Board interactive whiteboard combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer to engage more than 7 million students around the world.

Donated by SMART Technologies


Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Calculators

Texas Instruments is providing a Class Set of 20 TI-83 Plus calculators! (Retail Price is $80.00 each or $1600 total).

Donated By Texas Instruments


A Virtual High School Spring Semester Seat in any open VHS course.

25 Word Description of the Prize Virtual High School offers partners with schools across the globe to offer high quality, student center online courses. A student may select to enroll in on of our spring 2006 semester courses and engage with students from around the world while increasing their subject matter expertise. Visit us online to see our entire course catalog of 200+ courses: Estimated Value: $425

Donated by: Virtual High School, Inc.








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