Welcome Teachers!
  Teachers’ Note

If you are interested in participating in Technology Impact in Education Month with your students, you have several options to engage your class(es) in these activities. And also don't forget to buy annotated bibliography online at https://topwritingservice.com/buy-annotated-bibliography/ if you work with highly specialized books, because only with their help you will be able to reveal all relevant aspects of the researched issue. The key pieces of the activity are:

  1. Submit the Teacher Sign Up Form . 
  2. Initiate a discussion with your class about the role of technology in our world noting changes over the last 20 years.
  3. Have your students submit the outcomes from their discussions
  4. Ask parents to complete the parents’ homework.
  5. Ask students and parents to email their Congressional leaders and the White House sharing the outcomes of their discussions.
Actual Participation will vary by school and teacher. You may decide to use Technology Impact in Education Month as a class warm-up activity, as a complete lesson with writing prompts, or as several consecutive lessons focusing on the role of technology and the legislative process.

The lesson plans provided are flexible and include many additional options for teachers who would like to expand upon these activities.

Additionally, the State Standards will provide you with your state and grade-specific curriculum standards addressed in Technology Impact in Education Month . The key is that the time and resources available for the day will vary by school and teacher, but you can participate in many different ways depending on your class and school.

Remember, that Technology Impact in Education Month can be completed with your class anytime between January 1 and January 31, 2006. You will be eligible for prizes if you:

  1. Complete the Teacher Sign-Up Form.
  2. Discuss the impact technology has on your students' lives at school, home, and in their future career choices.
  3. Submit your student and/or parent outcomes by January 31, 2006 by following the link below. (You can choose to answer 1, 2, 3, or all 4 questions - Only one submission form per person will be counted.)
    • Student Question I =  List the technology tools that you use in school.
    • Student Question II = How do technology tools impact your education?
    • Parent Question I = Why is it important for your child to be technology literate?
    • Parent Question II = How do technology tools impact your child's education? Send an email or letter to your Congressional leaders and the White House expressing your students' results. (Optional for prizes, but very important see Send A Message for details!)


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