Submit Your Results
  Remember, that Imagine a Technology Blackout Day can be completed with your class anytime between now and May 20th. If you want to read more about the conditions and format of the assignment, ask for the interview format writing and do everything as it is written to get the best possible result. You will be eligible for prizes if you:
  1. Complete the Teacher Sign-Up Form.
  2. Discuss the impact technology has on your students' lives at school, home, and in their future career choices.
  3. Submit your student and/or parent results by May 20th by following the link below. a student or parent can choose to answer one or both of the questions - only one submission per person will be counted toward prizes.
    • Student Question I = How will you use technology in your career?
    • Student Question II = How does technology make your life better?
    • Parent Question I = Why is it important for your child to be technology literate?
    • Parent Question II = Using personal experience, how can technology help teachers be more effective in teaching our students?
  4. Send an email or letter to your Congressional leaders and the White House expressing your students' results. (This step is optional in terms of prize eligibility, but it is very important to share your students support of enhancing teaching and learning through technology. Please see Send A Message for the easy step-by-step instructions!)

To proceed in submitting your student or teacher results, please click on one of the two links below...

I am a Student who would like to submit my results.
I am a Parent who would like to submit my results.

To finish your project, please make sure you cut and paste your results into a letter or email message and send it to your congressional leaders. You can find addresses in Send A Message area of this site.

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